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Whole Body Wellness

Welcome to Whole Body Wellness!

Whole Body Wellness is a comprehensive business that offers the best in empowering the individual to reach their highest wholeness in health. We offer services in Pilates, Nutritional Consultations, Cardiovascular Conditioning and Healing Touch.
Pilates is a method of body conditioning that can strengthen you in your current activities and /or sports using the best in Pilates equipment. Pilates has been used since its establishment to help people recover from sport injuries, rehab from surgeries or to enhance their daily lives, hence the saying , "Pilates is for EveryBody."
The Romana method is sought out for its world-renowned reputation in bringing you the best and latest understanding of the Pilate method of body conditioning. Every instructor must meet the requirements of at least 700 hours of training and must undergo a 3-part process of Certification.
Private Instruction is offered and is the routine method utilized to design a personal workout program with your individual needs in mine. This instruction can occur via one-on-one instructor-student sessions or through duets or trios (Additional cost savings) if the students are near the same level of Pilate training.
Pilate Mat Classes are a great addition to solidify what you have learned and gained through your private instruction and help you maintain your private strength and fitness.

About Ursula

Ursula developed a strong interest in physical fitness starting at an early age. She has 30+ years of experience in running, martial arts, dance, yoga and Pilates. Her interest continued to expand into Nutrition, staying abreast of the latest in Homeopathic/Medical information available and later into Energy medicine. She holds a Certification in Nutrition and Fitness since 1998 and a Certification in Healing Touch Level One since 1999.

Her interest in Pilates started in 2001 and her thirst for additional knowledge and training resulted in her becoming a Level 5 Certified Pilates Instructor in the Romana’s method of training.

Her personal love for dance since childhood propelled her to explore the Art of Belly Dance, which she has remained engaged in since 2000.  This passion for dance also resulted in her becoming a professional Dancer who is highly sought after as an Instructor and Performer.

She is excited to bring these various disciplines together and offer them for the health and well being of the general public.

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