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Pilate Equipment

Private Instruction is offered to design a personal workout program with your individual needs in mind.

Pilate Mat Classes are a great addition to solidify what you have learned and gained through your private instruction and help you maintain your strength and fitness.

The Reformer

The Pilates Reformer is a piece of equipment commonly used in Pilates to increase resistance during the workout and produce enhanced results and muscle strengthening.

The Cadillac

The Pilates Cadillac is a fully functional trapeze table that has additional features for more detailed Pilates work. A trapeze table is a table or machine that includes a trapeze for hanging parts of the body, and working against gravity. Some experts say the extra features are why Pilates enthusiasts call it a "Cadillac," after the luxury car that has so many appealing features for the road.

In addition to a flat table space for lying poses, a Pilates Cadillac often has spring-loaded attachments that can be strapped to the arms or legs. This way, the user can challenge muscle groups in the limbs from a position on the table. There are also “fuzzy loops” that a user can hang onto for more gravity based exercise. All of this works the wrists and ankles, as well as upper and lower body muscles. Lots of Pilates work can also strengthen the core, which is responsible for spinal support and overall balance, agility and strength. 

The Combo Chair

Strong, stable and easy to convert from one mode to another, this chair resolves the issues of instability and design integrity that are often associated with combination chairs. Adjustable handles and seat height adjuster ensure that whether in low or high mode, seat and handle height are correct. Choose traditional or split pedal.


It's perfect for beginners who need the added stability and support and when converted to the low chair, the entire world of Pilates chair exercises opens up for the intermediate to advanced practitioner. The chair is stable and easy to convert from one mode to another. No chair can customize itself for your use more than this one.

The Large Barrell
The Pilates barrel is a barrel-shaped exercise device which challenges the muscles of the body across several movement planes. Large and small Barrels are used in the Pilates Method to enhance breathing, develop both the arms and legs, and work the spine to help correct posture and movement. The curved shape of the Arc Barrel is designed to isolate the muscles that people use to maintain good posture. In addition, the barrel-like shape of the Ladder Barrel combines ladder rungs with a barrel surface for stretching, strengthening and flexibility exercises. The barrel connects to the ladder by a sliding base that adjusts to accommodate different torso sizes and leg lengths.  

Springboard Set

The Springboard Set allows one to do standing or lying down arm and leg spring work which emulates the same work that is done on the Cadillac. However the lager board will stabilize  the back while doing standing work. The smaller board acts as a holder for the springs or for stand alone arm work.

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