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Always keep Dancing

Just a little bit about me and my dancing career...
It all started with my parents! They were avid fans of all types of music & I grew up hearing anything from classical to steel bands, from jazz to funk. My father often took me 'record shopping' to find out the latest sounds in music. Over the years I too have collected a wide assortment of music.

I had the opportunity to study classical ballet as well as jazz, hip-hop & street dance for four years in London at the reknown Pineapple & Danceworks studios. I have continued (and still am) my dance lessons in later years by studying the 'Oriental Dance' with many teachers from around the world.

It was Rida who encouraged me to go public & since then there has been no stopping me!

I have had the honor of dancing & learning from some wonderful women & men such as Aziza!, Morocco, Tarik Sultan, Amaya, Chelydra, Elena, Miraj, Riskallah Riyad, Habiba, Yasmina, Ziba, Artemis & many others.

People often ask me why I do this particular dance form & I can only say that for myself this form lets me represent all dance styles in one arena. I can stick to traditional style belly dance music or I can do fusion style which is blending the old & new together.

 In this dance there is so much to learn that I look forward to continuing my study in this dance as long as my feet will carry me! 

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